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Paper & Take Out Supplies

Cleaning Supplies - Food Stuffs

D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd.

24 Harvey Road, Paget

Tel: 236-8848


Serving Bermuda from 1964

Welcome to D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd

Founded in 1964, D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd. prides itself on being built up from the ground floor with an entrepreneurial attitude towards the growing food service and hospitality industries. After gaining a strong position in our cleaning supply lines, the company has expanded to include virtually all areas of the food service and hospitality industries.

The cornerstone upon which our business was built and continues to grow is our dedication to providing the best service we can to our customers. In order to maintain our current customers and earn new customers we must provide a prompt delivery service and an immediate response to all customers needs.

As D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd. moves into the future, we are confident that our strong staff, high quality products, good relations with our suppliers, and our commitment to our customers will ensure long term success for us as well as our customers and suppliers.

If we can be of assistance to you or your business please feel free to contact us!