Perfect Vacuum Suction Brush for Backpack Vacuums 1.5″ Horsehair



Product Details

Standard 1.5” inner diameter fitting allowing this attachment to be used with most commercial backpack vacuums. This 14″ tool has robust horse hair completely encompassed the base of the brush and is designed to insure no damage to floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, polished stone, vinyl, nor laminate. An opening cut to the front face of the brush allows the vacuum to capture larger debris rather than push it around as with a broom. These features make this tool ideal for all bare floor applications. These premium natural bristle bare surface floor brushes are ideal for vacuuming all types of bare surface floors, including marble, hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet, concrete and also walls. The bristles are made from natural horse hair which provides a very soft brush which will not scratch even high gloss floors such as marble. The Heavy Duty frame is perfect for commercial vacuums & backpack vacuums that can accept a 1.5″ tool



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